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Little Chess Express 
For elementary school players.  E-mail the editor, Tyler Spitzer.

For Information about Middle School and High School Chess, visit the Washington High School Chess Association website


U.S. Chess Federation's Official Rules of Chess-- Bill Goichberg, et al; 4th Edition; Paperback;  US $16.00 ($9.35 through USCF).  Also available at bookstores.

Chess Tactics For Students - John A. Bain; Large Paperback; US $14.95 ($12.95 through USCF).  You can also e-mail Mr. Bain at

Comprehensive Chess Course, Pelts/Alburt; Large Paperback; 7 Separate Volumes by Roman Pelts, Lev Alburt, Palatnik & Krogius)  All 7 volumes may be purchased separately.  Entire set is $112 through USCF.  

How To Reassess Your Chess, by IM Jeremy Silman.  Paperback; US $17.95 ($17.25 through USCF)

1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations, by Fred Reinfeld.  Paperback; US $10.00 ($8.60 through USCF)

Northwest Chess - The Journal of the Washington & Oregon Chess Federations
This magazine is a benefit of membership in either the Washington or Oregon Chess Federations.  Annual Adult Membership dues are $20; Junior Membership dues (under 20) are $13.00.  This magazine is virtually required if a player wishes to play in tournaments in the Northwest.  Great information, games, news and other items of interest.  Send check for subscription/membership to: Russell Miller, Business Manager; P.O. Box 84746, Seattle, Washington 98124-6046.  Or, you can e-mail Mr. Miller at

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