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The Clatskanie Chess Club and announce a special event for chess players grades K-College:

Pacific NW Chess Olympics

Advance Announcement and Call for Volunteers/Sponsors

June 6-8, 2003
Mt. Hood Community College, Gresham, OR (tentative location)

Olympic Pentathlon Events:

>>Match the Masters Game Show -- Who says chess isn't a spectator sport? Predict the next move in a master game and earn points. You even earn a little for "pretty good" moves. But blunder and the points are lost! This Friday evening opener gets everyone in the mood for a ton of fun chess!

>>Puzzle Solving Competition -- Can you find the fork? Mate in 2? The best move to get black out of a pickle? Solve increasingly harder puzzles to progress to Champion Puzzler!

>>Fischer Shuffle Chess Variant -- Think you know opening strategy? It's out the window when you start with the king on a1 and two black-square bishops! This G/15 match-up starts with players randomly (or not so randomly) placing their opponents' pieces on the back rank.

>>Blitz (G/5) -- Fast and furious. Need we say more?

>>Standard Chess (G/45) -- The final Pentathlon challenge, this USCF rated event includes demo boards of top games and between-game analysis.

Side Events: Master clinics and seminars, special appearances by theme-drama groups and more!

Format: Players will be placed in sections according to USCF rating (or, alternatively, WSRS for new USCF members). Unrated players will be divided by age groups. Fischer Shuffle and Blitz will be played in Quads.

Awards: Generous Gold, Silver, Bronze medals in individual events, with cumulative Pentathlon Scores determining Olympic Trophy Winners in each rating class. So much hardware, we'll have to hire a trailer to deliver it!

Parents and Coaches, We Need your Help: To offer a quality event of this magnitude, we need plenty of volunteers -- both chess-savvy and not! We are also seeking business sponsors for the various events and awards (or volunteers to solicit sponsorship), artistic-types to help design T-shirt and award logos, and organizational-types to help us pull it all together. If you can help, please e-mail or or phone Amy 503-849-0938 or Kate 503-728-3754. We will be holding a brief organizational meeting in the next few weeks for all volunteers.

Mark your Calendars for this Unique, Fun (dare we say historic?) Event!