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Milwaukie Covenant Church, Milwaukie, Oregon
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In a nutshell, for tournament veterans:

This is a G/30, 5-round Swiss style, unrated, all-ages tournament. State and/or national ratings will be used for initial pairings and to divide players into competitively appropriate playing sections. Please bring chess sets; clocks will be used in upper rated sections, so please bring them if you have them. Recording of games is strongly encouraged. Clubs with 4 or more players may compete as a team.


In English, for everyone else:

2 Divisions: Novice and Open. Each division will be further divided into playing sections by age-group and/or rating, depending upon the number of entrants. All ages are welcome to enter, including parents! The only requirement is that you be a member of a homeschooling family – or be a friend of a homeschooling family, or be curious about homeschooling, or . . . Oh, ok. So it’s not a very exclusive “invitational” tournament. We’ll pretty much take entries from anyone who loves chess! (Seriously, the only real qualifying factor is that only homeschool clubs are eligible to compete for team awards).


Should I go in the Novice or Open Division?

Ø       Novice players are those who have never received formal coaching, have never played in a tournament, or who have played a tournament or two, but typically finish in the lower 1/3 among same-age peers. At a minimum, novice players must know the basic rules of chess, how all the pieces move, and how to finish a game.

Ø       The open division is for players who have tournament experience or formal coaching. State or national ratings are not required, but we do use ratings to determine playing sections and initial pairings. If you don’t have tournament experience but feel you play at the level of your tournament-going friends, beat your parents all the time, or do pretty well playing chess online, feel free to register for this division. If you’re still not sure, just ask!


The format will be a 5-round Swiss Style, G/30.  In a Swiss style tournament, there are no eliminations; everyone plays 5 games. A win earns 1 point, a draw earns ½ point. Each round, players are paired with another player with a similar record. “G/30” means each player has 30 minutes to complete all moves; total game is up to 1 hour. Most novice games will be much shorter.


Basic Rules:  Practice these four basic rules at home to establish good tournament habits.

1) Touch Move: If you touch a piece and there is a legal move available for that piece, you must move it; once you remove your hand from the piece, the move is complete. 2)Touch Take: If you touch one of your opponent’s pieces in the process of moving your piece, and it is a legal capture, you must take the piece. 3) Adjustments: Unless you are capturing, you should never touch your opponent’s pieces. If you need to adjust one of your own pieces, announce clearly, “I adjust” before you touch the piece. 4) No Chat: Do not comment on any game in progress – including your own. This is not a USCF rated event, but USCF rules apply.


Awards: Plenty of shiny trophies, medals, ribbons and door prizes for individuals and teams. No one goes home empty-handed.


Registration & Check-in: We offer a graduated entry fee: Enter by March 13 and pay $8/player; by March 20, pay $10/player; at-the-door, pay $15/player. If your club is competing as a team, please register all members by March 20. Register by mail or online. (See below). Check-in on March 23 is 8:45-9:30. First round will start ASAP. Target finish time is 3:30 p.m. If you arrive after 9:40, you will be given a ½ point bye and will not play in the first round. Cell phone on tournament day is 503-849-0938.


Bring: If you have them, please bring regulation tournament chess sets and clocks. Light concessions available for sale on-site, and we will have lunch food delivered around noon. You may also bring your own. Bring indoor/outdoor diversions for between rounds.


Directions: Milwaukie Covenant Church is conveniently located just outside Portland, a little over 2 miles from I-205 at 12201 SE Linwood Avenue, Milwaukie. (Yahoo Map) Traveling south on I-205, take the Sunnyside Rd. exit, number 14, toward Clackamas.  Keep left at the fork in the ramp. Turn right onto SE Sunnyside Rd., which becomes SE Harmony Rd at 82nd.  A little less than a mile after the road changes names, turn right onto SE Linwood Ave. Traveling North on I-205, take the OR-213/OR-224 exit, number 13, towards 82nd Ave/Milwaukie. Merge onto OR-213 N, which becomes SE 82nd Ave./OR-213. About ½ mile down 82nd, turn left onto SE Harmony Rd. A little less than a mile down Harmony, turn right onto SE Linwood Ave. (Local participants may find it more convenient to go from 99E to Hwy 224: Turn left onto SE Lake Rd., which becomes SE Harmony Rd. About a half-mile down, stay straight to go onto SE Linwood Ave.)


Questions? Contact Amy Boyett at 503-849-0938 or . Please do not contact the church for information on the tournament; they will not be able to help you.

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