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Many scholastic players in our area would love to improve their chess skills, but do not have access to knowledgeable help at an affordable price.

David Palm's Chess Tutoring Service has been created to offer individualized help to those players.

David knows kids.   David is 17, and a junior at Skyview High.  Having just graduated from the middle school and elementary ranks, he knows the concerns of children and how to present chess concepts in a way they will understand.

David knows chess, having won grade level state championships three times in Washington, and made several top five finishes in the OMSI/Oregon State Championships, leading Gaiser MS to second place in the 1997 OMSI tourney.  He has played at Nationals twice, posting a .500 winning percentage against the best players in the United States.

David knows both chess and kids, and is a genuinely nice young man who will be sensitive to the feelings of his students, and will help them grow in their skill and enjoyment of chess. 

Rates are affordable: one child, $15.00 per hour; two children, $20.00 per hour.  Sign up for ten lessons and the tenth is free.  Lessons are given at David's house, 513 NW 86th St, Vancouver, 98665, phone 574-3001.  Lessons can be given at your house for an additional $5.00 per hour.

Arrange an introductory lesson and see how David can help your child!

David also offers MATH TUTORING! He scored 750 on his Math SAT test as a tenth grader,  won the Regional Math Counts competition in 1998 and 1999, and scored the maximum possible on the Vancouver Math Levels Test.  He can help your child understand math!  Rates same as above.