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The Game Showcase spotlights outstanding games from local scholastic players.  Each game has been chosen due to its interest and instructive nature.  Notes are by the players themselves or by the website administrator.

Game #1  Andrew Svehaug (1713) vs. Pieta Garrett (2180).
                From the Super Nationals Tournament in Kansas City, Missouri, 2001.

Game #2  Stephen Pick vs. (1407) vs. David Rowles (1791).
                From the Dave Collyer Memorial Tournament, Spokane, Washington, 2001
Game #3  Michael Thaler (1855)  vs. Chase Willson (1224).
                From the National Elementary Tournament, Portland, Oregon, 2002

If you have a great game you would like to be featured here, send your game score via e-mail to the website administrator.  Include details, such as ratings, tournament name, date, round and any notes you can supply.  Please note that not all games can be published here, but all submissions will be thoughtfully considered.

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